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Digital Strategy Group, dba DownloadKidsMusic.com (“DSG” or “we”) operates DownloadKidsMusic.com.  This Privacy Policy sets forth DSG’s use and dissemination of certain personal information obtained in connection with your use of the Website.  The term “User” refers to any user, visitor or member of DownloadKidsMusic.com, or any other DSG URL (collectively, the “Website”) and this Privacy Policy applies to any and all services and features provided by DSG by way of the Website.


Please review this Privacy Policy regularly.  DSG may, from time to time, modify and amend this Privacy Policy in its discretion and any such modifications or amendments shall be effective upon the posting of an updated Privacy Policy on the Website.  You shall be deemed to have accepted each amended Privacy Policy upon your use of the Website after it is posted.  By using the Website, you are accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy.


When you register for an account with DSG, you establish your own profile.  This information allows you to utilize the Website and connect with other users and members of the Website.  Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, DSG will not share your personal information with any third party without your approval.  When you utilize the services and features of the Website, there are two types of information exchanged: (1) certain of your personal information (such as your name, email address, telephone number, gender, address, etc.); and (2) certain of your non-personal information that is collected from you by the Website (such as your IP address, browser information, etc.).


DSG compiles and stores certain of your personal information that you submit to the Website, for example, when you sign up as a member or a registrant, upload, download or purchase music or information, engage in any online chat or blogging, register for contests or sweepstakes, etc.  Submission of this information is necessary for you to be able to utilize the Website and take part of the services and features that the Website offers.  DSG will inform you about who is collecting this information and how it is being collected and to the extent such information is used differently than as set forth in this Privacy Policy.  DSG also collects information that is not personal in nature, such as your browser information, IP address and user data. This non-personal information is necessary for DSG to be able to manage the Website, including the services and features thereof, and to provide security measures.  In addition, DSG may place certain information on your computer, including cookies which are pieces of information that are used to make sure that the Website and the services it offers will work properly with your computer.  You can modify the cookie settings on your computer by editing your browser settings.  Certain third parties, such as internet advertisers, may also place cookies on your computer or DSG may allow pixel tags to exist on its server for advertising, certain services or data collection.  DSG does not own or have any control over these third parties or the information they may place on your computer. When you use or click on any third party application, you are then subject to that third party’s privacy policy and not this Privacy Policy.  You should review the privacy policies of these third parties and you can set your cookie settings on your computer, including whether to block them (however, you should note that certain services and features of the Website may not work properly).


The Website may contain links to other third party internet sites, including advertisements.  DSG does not control these third party websites and shall not be responsible for these third party websites or other third party services.  When you engage one of these links to a third party website, you are then subject to that third-party’s privacy policies and procedures.   


The Website may offer the ability for you to post certain messages and engage in chat or discussion features.  You use these features and post your information at your own risk.  You acknowledge that backup copies of posted and personal information may remain viewable and searchable as cache or archived files, or other users or members may have copied such information onto their own computers. DSG shall not be responsible for the actions of or by other users or members.  Keep in mind that when you post or share such information, the information becomes public. 


DSG may send you service-related announcements from time to time, or information on resources that DSG believes would be valuable to you.  If you sign up to receive other newsletters and notifications from DSG, DSG may utilize the email address that you provide with your registration to send such materials. 


DSG reserves the right to disclose your personal information and non-personal information without providing you the option or seeking prior approval in the following instances, as DSG may determine in its sole discretion:

A.    In the event DSG is compelled to do so at the order or request of a governmental or legal body in connection or related to any legal process;

B.     In the event DSG is engaged in a lawsuit, action, arbitration or other legal proceeding and such information is necessary to defend its legal position or to enforce certain rights or obligations of others;

C.     Any emergency situation whereby the disclosure of such information is necessary to preserve the safety and security of its members, users or other persons;

D.    In order to protect against risk management or fraud concerns; and

E.     In the event DSG engages in discussions or negotiations with respect to the sale of any of its assets or ownership interests, it may need to disclose such information to the potential purchaser in relation to any such transaction. In such an event, the potential purchaser would be required to keep such information confidential.   


DSG employs commercially reasonable security in regard to the Website, including technical components, personnel and administrative actions, in order to protect your personal information,  and any financial or credit card information that you may have submitted to it, from fraud, theft, loss or unauthorized use or disclosure.  When you submit financial or credit card information, DSG will encrypt such information.


DSG users and members may contact DSG regarding the registration and use of their personal information.  DSG will take such steps as are reasonable to correct any incorrect information.  Members who have registered with DSG to use the Website may view and change their registration information by logging into your account and changing the information accordingly. 


DSG will only use your personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy, including any of your personal information that DSG obtains from a third party or business partner.  DSG employees, agents and contractors must have a legitimate business reason to have access to your personal information, but DSG may disseminate your personal information to its contractors and agents who help manage and administer the Website, servers, services and features.  Such contractors and agents may maintain copies of your personal information, but it may only be used for the service for which they were engaged.


You may contact DSG via the Website under the “Contact Us” link.